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What is BitSafe Adblocker
BitSafe Adblocker is a dedicated web extension available for free with an aim to provide stealth protection to your web browsing and other online activities. One extension on your browser can protect your privacy

BitSafe Adblocker is dedicatedly developed with an aim to build a safer cyber community. The extension is available to install for FREE and doesn't put an inadequate load on your system resources. Install BitSafe Adblocker to consolidate your privacy on the internet.

Get Protected Against
Malicious Websites & Annoying Ads
Protection On-the-Go

Ensure the utmost online security with BitSafe Adblocker that informs you about the protection level of a website in just one click. Make informed decisions based on domain security.

Ad Blocker

Say no to annoying ads with a built-in advanced adblocker. Do not let advertisements snatch the peace of reading your favorite content and block them with BitSafe Adblocker.

Free Extension

BitSafe Adblocker web extension is a move towards a safer and secure cyber world. The extension is completely free to download and install to strengthen your online security.

Easy to Use

From a kid to a senior citizen, BitSafe Adblocker is developed and designed to help every age group. The extension’s interface with contentful features makes it easiest to use.

Enhanced Privacy Protection with
Ad Blocking & Web Security
Comprehensive Protection Comprehensive Protection

BitSafe Adblocker offers comprehensive protection to your online browsing by revealing the safety measures on a specific website that help you take further steps on that domain.

Advanced Ad Blocking Advanced Ad Blocking

Uplift your browsing experience with BitSafe Adblocker that blocks all the annoying ads that interrupt your content approach. Enjoy a never before ad-free internet that you deserve.

Intuitive Interface Intuitive Interface

BitSafe Adblocker web extension is the artistry of design and development that exceeds the expectations of security as well as ease of use for every age group.

Enjoy Ad-Free Browsing with
Safe Search
  • Download BitSafe Adblocker for
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Please refer below for the most asked questions and answers about BitSafe Adblocker

Q1. What is BitSafe AdBlocker?

Ads or advertisements are a great source to know about new products and recent marketplace happenings. But, many times these ads become so distracting and annoying that there is no option left other than blocking them. Moreover, hackers also use ads to trap you. Thus, having the best adblocker that can block suspicious ads becomes inevitable.

BitSafe AdBlocker is one such power-packed adblocker that prevents ads from irritating you and also shields you from the hacker’s prying eyes by blocking fake-looking advertisements. The cherry on top of the cake is that you don’t even need to download it on your PC as it works as a browser extension.

Q2. What are the advantages of BitSafe AdBlocker?

No one likes to get irritated with unnecessary ads. We are sure that you also don’t like it. Thus, with BitSafe AdBlocker, you can block all the advertisements and enjoy an ad-free browsing experience. Apart from this, below are its other advantages.

  • Know website security status to figure if it is safe to visit or not.
  • Shields your browsing by blocking advertisements.
  • It helps keep your privacy intact.
  • With BitSafe AdBlocker at your disposal, browsing becomes a smooth and pleasurable experience.
  • It does not eat up the device space as you don’t need to download the adblocker.

This list is not the end, and you’ll notice many other benefits of BitSafe AdBlocker after you start using it.

Q3. How to use BitSafe AdBlocker?

We aim to develop utilities that both experienced as well as amateur users can use with ease. Thus, the process of using BitSafe AdBlocker is also as simple as ABC. All that you need to do is, implement the below steps.

  • Open the extension store on your web browser.
  • Search for BitSafe AdBlocker and add it like the other browser extensions.

Alternatively, you can also visit the official BitSafe AdBlocker website for adding it to your browser.

Q4. Is BitSafe AdBlocker safe?

We agree that not all adblockers are safe. Some of them are a trap laid by hackers to attack your device. But, with BitSafe AdBlocker, you can put all your worries to rest. Your safety is our topmost priority. We employ high-grade security mechanisms to keep your privacy and secrecy maintained. Hence, BitSafe AdBlocker is a completely secure adblocking extension that you can use.